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Hey guys,

Today marks a huge milestone for our themes. We have come a long way. I am proud to announce that all of our themes have finally made it to version 2.0. What does that mean? Your asked? Well let just include you guys in on a few features and enhancements that we did.

Mobile Ready
As you may know that the world of technology is continuously advancing even as we speak. Along with those advancements, are mobile phones. New phones come out almost monthly and mobile browsers becoming more and more similar to their desktop counterparts. In addition, faster and faster wireless speeds allow us developers to develop an even more sophisticated site. Traditionally, a site viewed on the phone, displays as it were on the desktop. This poses an issue because you’re fitting a wide desktop version of the site on a little tiny handheld phone. Without going into the specifics, this causes an user interface issue as people will have a hard time navigating your site and also they would probably have to zoom in and out multiple times just to get to where they want to be. All of what I have just explained isn’t new news at all, however we have implemented all our themes to be fully responsive, mobile ready! That means you can view your site on mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, iPad..etc and your site will automatically format itself to display well on them. It will remove all unnecessary elements and keep only the crucial information for that format.

Custom Portfolio
We’ve added a custom portfolio section where you can showcase and display any glorious work you want. With just putting in different tags, you can group your portfolio by categories during display and allow users to filter them by groups so they can see only the groups they want at a time.

Custom Sidebar Widgets
We’ve added ability for you to create sidebar widgets on any one page or post you want! Isn’t that awesome? That means any widget you create for that particular page or post will ONLY show up when that page gets loaded and not on any other page. This way you can target specific type of information you want on those specific pages. For example, you have a jewelry page with “earrings”. So you can create a widget just for that page to show all the featured earrings you have on sale. That is just one example and the possibilities are limitless.

Custom Sidebar Layout
After about a year of developing these themes, we wanted a way to give more control to the site owners when it comes to displaying a certain page or post. What we have came up with is a way for you to choose individually of other pages or posts, a sidebar layout. So imagine globally you have set to use a left sidebar on all pages. Now I can go into just one of the page and override the global settings and turn off the sidebar. I can even choose to use a right sidebar or even both sidebars. With this new implementation, it gives you full flexibility to further customize your site and how you want your customers to view it.

As you just read, those are some of the key features and enhancements that we’ve added to our 2.0 themes. There are a lot more in which you can see in the changelog of your theme. 2012 is an exciting year and we plan to make our themes even better and as always we value our customer’s feedback so if you have anything you want to see implemented, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line here-> Feature Request

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