2012 4th Quarter

Hey guys! It has been awhile since I last posted anything. That is only because we are hard at work making our themes better and better. We strive to add continuous value to the product that you own.

Not long ago, we hit one of our big milestones with our themes and soon we will be hitting another big milestone which we plan on releasing around the 4th quarter of this year. This will be a BIG one! Without speaking too much about it, I’ll just list some of the features you should expect to see coming up.

  • Multiple homepage layouts (you will be able to choose from 4 or 5 different layouts)
  • Product category accordion widget
  • Product price filter widget with price range
  • Custom product filter system (so your customers can shop faster by filtering only what they want to see)
  • Dummy data (many people asked for this)
  • Ability to export theme settings so it will never be lost
  • Pre-designed background designs, patterns and more…
  • A smarter product search.
  • Ability to change out colors/font throughout the site like the text/headings…etc
  • Sales and promotion widgets that can be placed in various location of your site during any promotions and it can even be set on a timer and will automatically display and hide when time is up
  • Top Secret…Ok so this last one is a top secret feature which will be revealed closer to launch and this is a big one!

I hope you’re as excited about these features as we are and hope we will continue to be your one stop shop for all your e-commerce themes needs.

UPDATE (7/5/2012):
We’re able to get a lot of the above mentioned items coded so we plan to publish a release real soon, possibly by next week. However you will see we crossed out the first item (different homepage layouts) because it would require us to completely overhaul the code as originally there were no platform/framework to do such thing. So instead we will add this feature to a new theme instead.

But stay tuned as we’re about to launch the next BIG update!

Ok I guess the cats out of the bag!! Ok the top secret feature is that now all themes support WooCommerce plugin as well!! That means you have a choice to use either WPEC or WooCommerce!! I can’t stress how much value that is added to the themes! I hope this will give you guys more options in the future!

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