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Hi Guys! 2013 has been a fun year and we’re almost at the end. We have been radio silent for a long time in the community and in our blogs. This is because we’ve been working on the next generation of our theme framework 3.0. I am proud to tell you that the framework has been completed and has been mated to our first theme Vizio. For those who are interested on how it looks on our newest framework, you can go here -> Vizio Theme

Now what does this mean for you existing members? Well now that the framework is completed, we will slowly transition over all existing themes to the 3.0 framework along with refresh on styles and layout.

Some caveat to this great news. We will no longer support WPEC plugin in our 3.0 framework. We will continue ONLY with WooCommerce plugin. The reason for this is after having much experience with using both plugins, we feel that WooCommerce is a far superior plugin and believe you will see the same once you switch over. In addition, since 3.0 is a complete rebuild, along with the refresh of the themes, your current sites’ functions such as shortcodes..etc, will no longer work. You will need to port over to the new shortcodes we implemented in the 3.0 framework. Although those are some things that most site owners dread to do, it will be most rewarding as you will find that the new framework is capable of many awesome things!

During this transition, we have stopped all updates to our current line of themes. This is to speed up the process of the transition. At this point we don’t have any estimates on when the transition will be done however we will definitely keep you guys posted as firmer dates are realized.

We would like to thank you for your patience.

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