Eggo Changelog

{3.4.3} - 8/22/2016
Update  -  update woocommerce templates

{3.4.2} - 7/29/2015
fixed -  fixed API response and API key saving issue

{2.2.5} 6/1/15
Added - Declare WooCommerce Support
Added - Theme licensing
Fixed - Timthumb Issue

{2.2.4} 11/15/13
Fixed - WPEC variable products were able to be added to cart without selecting a variation

{2.2.3} 10/26/13
Update - Timthumb version 2.8.13

{2.2.2} 9/6/13
Update - PO files
Update - Misc CSS adjustments

{2.2.1} 5/7/13
Fixed - Compatibility issues with the latest released WPEC
Fixed - Lightbox thumbnail gallery setting was not working
Update - Misc CSS adjustments

{2.2.0} 4/30/13
Fixed - Logout issues with sessions
Update - Misc styling in CSS

{2.1.9} 3/4/13
Fixed - Compatibility issues with WooCommerce 2.0+
Update - Various CSS styles

{2.1.8} 3/4/13
Fixed - Tagline styling color was not being applied
Fixed - Custom background styling color was not being applied
Added - WPEC backwards compatibility with wpsc_get_customer_meta function
Update - Maintenance js 1.6.1

{2.1.7} 2/1/13
Fixed - Select dropdown not working properly when adding custom widgets

{2.1.6} 1/16/13
Fixed - Styling background color were not shown in the style preview
Update - PO/MO files

{2.1.5} 12/12/12
Update - Strip script tag from custom header/footer script data 
Update - Thumbnail crop setting to boolean 1 instead of true
Update - jQuery Cycle is now replaced with Caroufredsel plugin
Update - Set medium/large image sizes to zero to prevent auto generation from WP
Update - Timthumb version 2.8.11
Update - jQuery version 1.8.3
Update - jQuery UI version 1.9.2 (admin side left at 1.8.23 to work with timepicker)
Update - isotope version 1.5.21
Update - jQuery Chosen version 0.9.10
Update - jQuery Timepicker version 1.1.1
Update - Removed version number from script filenames
Update - PO/MO files
Update - Misc. CSS styles
Added - Custom login Login/Get Password get_text() function
Added - Apply filters function to theme script names to allow override
Added - Styles to the transaction results page for WPEC
Added - Ability to turn OFF sitewide widgets for specific post/page
Added - Ability to set portfolio entry image sizes for list and single views
Added - A check to see if featured products are set so it doesn't display errors
Added - jQuery Touch Swipe Plugin
Added - Compatibility with WooCommerce Gravity Form Product Add-on Plugin
Fixed - Theme options footer textarea would not save if value was empty
Fixed - Theme reset was not functioning properly when no new data was being updated in options
Fixed - Issue with jQuery UI with WordPress 3.5
Removed - jQuery Wipe Plugin
Removed - jQuery Cycle Plugin

{2.1.4} 11/2/12
Fixed - Product views were not working due to a change in WPEC 3.8.9
Fixed - Comments showing when disabled due to a change in WPEC 3.8.9
Updated - Checkout page to remove sessions due to a change in WPEC 3.8.9

{2.1.3} 10/12/12
Added - Woocommerce Ability to control the display of the tabs in detail product view
Added - Height attribue to the content slider
Update - WPEC Added preventdefault to checkout continue/back links for compatibility
Update - Misc CSS adjustments
Fixed - A bug where the background color is not working
Fixed - Portfolio single image size was not being dynamically resized on mobile phones
Fixed - Lightbox duplicate images issue
Fixed - Shortcode Google maps was not resizing properly
Fixed - Shortcode content slider when all images are used, slider would collapse

{2.1.2} 10/6/12
Update - Caroufredsel 5.6.4
Update - jQuery 1.8.1
Update - jQuery UI 1.8.23
Update - WPEC removed dependency of Gold Cart for multi product images
Update - Added missing semicolon in the JS namespace declaration
Update - WPEC product searches now use proper grid template
Fixed - Woocommerce product multi image swap was not working correctly
Fixed - Menu active states not properly showing on sub level pages
Added - Woocommerce/WPEC ability to turn off display of multi product image under main product image
Added - Mobile "go to" text is now translatable

{2.1.1} 8/7/2012
Fixed - Media libraby search isn't working properly
Fixed - Custom functions were loading in wrong order
Fixed - Custom widgets were not showing titles in the widget settings page
Fixed - Media library search isn't working properly
Fixed - Paypal buynow button alignment
Update - Change load order of custom_styles.css
Update - Modernizr 2.6.1
Update - CarouFredSel 5.6.3
Update - jQuery Ui 1.8.21 now loading from CDN
Update - Misc. CSS adjustments
Update - Removed more details from default product listing
Update - Moved more details to below the image and add to cart sections with TABS
Update - Refactored homepage featured grid products
Added - Homepage featured grid products can now select 1 to 30 products to display
Added - Homepage featured grid products can now select from multiple product categories to display
Added - Now WooCommerce Ready
Added - Option to turn off custom meta fields display on single product page

{2.1} 7/9/2012
Added - Ability for searches to look within tags.
Added - Info box shortcode
Added - Button shortcode now has different types (normal, normal-rounded, big, big-rounded)
Added - Dropcap shortcode
Added - Maintenance Mode
Added - Backend admin login logo no longer links to but to your own site
Added - Ability to select multiple categories for the footer featured product carousel
Added - Site preview on custom styles
Added - Ability to customize all text, heading, links site wide.
Added - WPEC Product Category accordion widget
Added - WPEC Product price range slider filter widget
Added - 4 new promotional/ads widget area (site top, site bottom, page top and page bottom)
Added - Promotional widget to accompany the 4 new widget area
Added - Ability to export/import theme settings
Added - Ability to show gallery only on portfolios
Added - Ability to turn off mobile ready (responsive theme)
Removed - Blog styles in favor of site wide style consistency
Update - Consolidated Google Fonts array into one HTTP request call
Update - Caroufredsel 5.6.1
Update - Misc. CSS adjustments
Update - PO/MO files
Fixed - WP 3.4 changed the size of the backend logo size
Fixed - Show category image/description when inside the said category -- the image is not sized properly
Fixed - WPMS now correctly references images with timthumb
Fixed - Backend login style now correctly detects the skin being used

{2.0.3} 5/10/2012
Update - jQuery Cycle 2.9999.5
Update - jQuery Ui 1.8.20
Update - Caroufredsel 5.5.5
Update - Misc CSS adjustments
Update - JS scripts are now wrapped in a custom namespace to prevent conflicts
Added - Ability to turn off blog post text truncate function.
Added - Ability to turn off sitewide sidebar widgets

{2.0.2} 4/30/12
Update - jQuery UI 1.8.19
Update - Misc. CSS adjustments
Fixed - Portfolio categories were selecting all entries from different categories instead of the selected category only
Fixed - Upload path was showing wrong path when custom media upload path is set
Fixed - When site is resized to a width smaller than 960, the homepage slider description is bumped to the bottom and being cut off

{2.0.1} 4/18/2012
Update - Caroufredsel 5.5.2
Update - jQuery Cycle 2.9999.4
Update - jQuery UI 1.8.18
Update - Video JS 3.2.0
Update - Isotope 1.5.19
Update - jQuery 1.7.2

{2.0} 3/28/2012
Added - CSS classes to widgets to allow for custom style on particular widget
Added - Global image options - filters/sharpening/canvas color/PNG transparency
Added - Global sidebar settings for pages
Added - Individual post/page page layout settings to override global if needed
Added - Custom page/post/product page widgets where you can assign unique widgets specific to that page
Added - More Google fonts selection
Added - Audio player shortcode
Added - Video player shortcode
Added - Numeration pagination with option to use previous/next style or numeration style
Added - Custom portfolio template to showcase anything you want!
Update - Replaced jCarousellite with carouFredSel
Update - Theme has been completely re-structure for a responsive design which is mobile ready
Update - Timthumb 2.8.10
Update - jQuery cycle 2.9999.3
Update - jQuery pretty Photo 3.1.4

{1.2.2} 2/26/2012
Added - Product variation image swap
Added - Checkout product image correctly displays variation image
Update - Timthumb 2.8.9
Update - jQuery Cycle 2.9999.2
Update - Languages PO/MO
Update - Modernizr 2.5.3
Update - Change grid view products per row to automatically wrap to next line to make it flexible with or without sidebar
Removed - Grid view products per row

{1.2.1} 2/12/2012
Added - FAQ questions to the help section
Added - Ability to reverse the carousel slider's slide direction
Added - WordPress post formats for future use
Added - Post truncate function to truncate post content in blog listings (this option is set within each post's settings)
Added - More details slider in the single product view for the additional description text
Added - Product review styling
Added - Product review global on/off
Added - Custom backend login logo
Added - Content slider shortcode
Added - Content tabs shortcode
Added - Content toggle shortcode
Added - jQuery UI library 1.8.17
Update - Grid items per row has been increase to a maximum 10 items
Update - Blog post does not need to have featured image.
Update - jQuery 1.7.1
Update - Scan through to fix any invalid html per HTML5 specs
Update - Various CSS/html adjustments
Update - Grid layout shortcode - improved flexibility - please see theme demo shortcodes page for NEW details
Fixed - Menu with categories class not displaying correctly in Chrome and Safari browsers
Fixed - T&C if not checked bumps checkout form back to step 1
Fixed - Images with captions width now correctly behaves and shows within the width of the image

{1.2} 1/18/2012
Updated - page.php to use wpsc_is_single_product() to check for single product page
Updated - Terms & Conditions click off close function to check if the overlay box is visible
Added - Option to choose between displaying categories or products within a category on footer carousel
Added - Homepage product grid section title
Added - Option to set cut off homepage cycler product description text
Added - Option to set cut off denote characters on homepage cycler product description
Added - Option to set cut off text description on featured product on top of page
Added - Option to set cut off denote characters on text description on featured product on top of page
Added - Option to set cut off text testimonials on footer testimonial section
Added - Option to set cut off denote characters on footer testimonial section
Added - Blog post fallback image if no featured post image is set
Added - Option to turn on/off gallery thumbnails in product popup lightbox
Added - Option to turn on/off gallery title in product popup lightbox
Added - Homepage slider product image click which is redirect to product detail page

{1.1.9} 1/3/2012
Added - Option to turn on/off the display of the secure icon and text display on the checkout page
Added - Option to upload your own SSL secured seal on the checkout page
Added - Option to paste in your own SSL secured seal code on the checkout page
Added - Product detail gallery thumbnail image options
Added - Contact form 7 plugin styles
Added - Default no product image fallback
Added - Product category widget image control in the images options
Updated - Timthumb 2.8.5
Updated - Relocated comment reply script to the main site js script to reduce 1 extra http request
Updated - Product category widget to not display sub-categories and applied timthumb enhancement

{1.1.8} 12/23/2011
Updated - CSS class "top" changed to "remove-top-border" to remove top border line when dropdown menu has categories defined to show 2 column layout
Updated - Timthumb 2.8.4
Updated - CSS for blog category description not margining properly
Fixed - Facebook LIKE button comment was not displaying properly

{1.1.7} 12/15/2011
Fixed - After WordPress 3.3 upgrade - theme login styling was misaligned

{1.1.6} 11/30/2011
Update - Timthumb 2.8.3
Update - Language files
Update - Adjusted size calculations to images in the quickview container
Fixed - Anchor tags were being stripped in the list shortcode
Added - Google Plus Profile Icon
Added - custom background image
Added - Ability to show/hide price and more-info/buy now link on homepage featured cycler

{1.1.5} 11/22/2011
Update - jQuery Cycle 2.9999
Update - Facebook "LIKE" button is now using HTML5 specs
Update - Page.php auto detect if sidebar widgets are inuse and if not, choose onecolumn display
Update - SP related post function removed deprecated arguement 'caller_get_posts' and replaced with 'ignore_sticky_posts'
Fixed - Homepage featured product grid view correctly displays the amount of items displayed even when WPEC pagination is off
Fixed - Custom RSS URL bug
Fixed - Vimeo shortcode bug
Fixed - Page sidebar layout
Added - Facebook Open Graph Integation

{1.1.4} 11/18/2011
Added - WPAUTOP to product additional description
Added - Price display near add to cart button on product default and single detail view
Added - Ability to reset all product star ratings
Update - jQuery 1.7
Update - Checkout page product images set to 50 width and 50 height
Update - Timthumb version 2.8.2
Update - jQuery Cycle version 2.9997
Update - Modernizr version 2.0.6
Fixed - Search style was left out
Fixed - Facebook showing white background on IE
Fixed - Blog next/previous button was causing display issue when title is too long

{1.1.3} 9/29/2011
Fixed - Homepage slider was picking up products that were not published
Fixed - "List" shortcode not correctly displaying the list styles
Fixed - Terms and conditions text were overflowing
Fixed - Gravatar in discussion settings were not saving
Update - "List" shortcode margin increased to 30px
Update - "List" shortcode line-height increased to 1.2em
Update - Increased width for Facebook like button inside quickview box
Update - Adjusted CSS to accomodate larger logo images for the login screen
Update - jQuery version to 1.6.4
Added - Ability to turn off product view buttons ( list/grid )
Added - Ability to turn off related posts
Added - Option to change the size/color/style of your Main Navigation Menu text up to 3 levels

{1.1.2} 9/12/2011
Added - Option to enter custom text for Related Post item
Fixed - Quickview popup black overlay is fully opaque in IE browsers
Fixed - When image swap is off, quickview image is not retaining set width

{1.1.1} 9/3/2011
Removed - WP Global Auto Paragraph from styling options
Added - Per page/post WP Auto Paragraph
Fixed - Some functions were not pointing to the active theme directory when using child theme
Fixed - Quickview image size when is square or the height is less than width, slight distortion occurs.
Fixed - JS error when no product is selected for carousel sliders
Updated - Gold Cart 2.9.4 files
Updated - Increase the product display limit on homepage carousel slider to 6

{1.1} 8/19/2011
Fixed - Quickview container is not perfectly centered
Added - Ability to turn on/off sidebar for product pages and blog pages separately and choose left or right orientations for the sidebar
Added - Ability to turn on/off pause on hover which will pause the slide when mouse is hover over it on homepage slider
Added - Child theme ready
Update - PrettyPhoto plugin 3.13
Update - jQuery Cycle plugin 2.9995

{1.0.1} 8/14/2011
Fixed - WPEC Fancy Notification bug
Fixed - Cross sales product type that sometimes picks up wrong post types
Fixed - Custom uploaded logo not being loaded in backend admin login
Fixed - Social media icons too close to rating stars on single product page
Added - Google Plus One button
Added - Cross sales custom title verbiage

{1.0} 8/4/2011 - release

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