“Mio” Free WordPress E-Commerce Theme

Mio is our free “Apple” inspired WordPress e-commerce theme, this theme is incredibly easy to install, comes fully styled in every aspect and can give you the opportunity to have an online shop ready to sell products in no time! Let’s take a look at some features this theme offers.

Here is the homepage with a stylish products slider, a blog posts auto rotator and a featured product section in the footer.

Mio Free WordPress E-Commerce Theme

The products page offers two type of views, in the list view there is a sleek lightbox to enlarge the product image and a SP custom made products rating.

Mio Free WordPress E-Commerce Theme

The grid view is clean layout that show the sales tags and has custom messages for sold out products.

Mio Free WordPress E-Commerce Theme

The Mio product detail as a product multiview with custom lightbox that offer the possibility to show very big images of the products, its also possible to enable shopping suggestions to show the visitors what other people bought with the specific item.

Mio Free WordPress E-Commerce Theme

Our custom lightbox allow to view big size images on an elegant pop up that contains all the products images easily scrollable with the side arrows.

Mio Free WordPress E-Commerce Theme

The easy to use three steps checkout offer an effective and pleasant checkout intuitive for any costumer.

And being a WordPress theme we could not give less attention to the blog! The Mio blog is fully styled and clean, with auto resizing thumbnails and calendar icons.

Mio Free WordPress E-Commerce Theme

Can you believe that all of this is a completely free, fully functional and ready to install WordPress e-commerce theme??
Well if you don’t just check it out yourself!

Feel free to check Mio out.

Theme details

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  1. Hi there. First off, thank you so much for such an awesome theme! I am fairly new to wordpress and am using InstantWP to design the site first off. I chose yours because of the e-commerce features. But, I cannot seem to get any to work. My home page isn’t showing the light box or any items/areas to sell items.. in fact I cannot even go to the home page since I removed the widgets.. and when they were active no content would appear. Any suggestions or how to’s for setting this up?


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