“Mojo” WordPress e-Commerce Theme

OMG! Finally! We’re so excited to present you Mojo! This has been a long awaited theme that many of you have emailed us about. It is now a reality and can be in your hot little hands in 5 minutes! A lot of love has been put into this theme and countless refinements. We hope you enjoy!

Here we have an stylish and yet fully functional homepage that features a product cycler and a product carousel slider. These two components are fully customizable to feature the products you want. In addition, both sliders can be customized with special effects, speed, scroll type and more!


Where would 21st century e-commerce be without the user friendly product quickview right? Yes! We have incorporated our Splashing Pixels Quickview system into Mojo as well. It’s patented by the way…Ok so maybe not, be we can bet we’re the first ones on the block to feature this system on WPEC plugin!


And check out this slick quickview hover on the product!

Quickview Hover

Next we have the fully customizable footer category menu. This system utilizes the native WordPress dynamic menu feature so you can easily move things around drag and drop style!

Footer Categories

Now comes what this theme is all about…The beautiful grid view layout! Since this theme is product glorified, what better way than to show huge image sizes of the product so they stand out! But don’t worry, you will have full control over the layout. Whether you want a sidebar or not…it’s up to you!

Grid View

Below you will find a nice default list view of the products which features a nicely displayed product image to the left and descriptive text on the right with option to have “more detail” slide down.

List View

Then we go down to the product’s single detail view…Again here is the glory shot of the product and features multi-image views below the main product image.

Single View

This would not be much of a WordPress Theme if there weren’t any blog styling now would it…NO worries, we got you covered…Check out this awesome image centric blog 2 column slick layout…Each blog post has an awesome description slider that slides up upon hover…


Ahhh and finally we have the beautiful and totally user friendly checkout that utilizes the 3 step checkout system…


And that is it! I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of our new Mojo theme! But don’t just sit here reading this blog…Go have a look at the theme live!! Let’s Go!

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