Opening Day

Hi everyone! Today mark’s the grand opening day of Splashing Pixels! We are extremely excited to present you with what we have in store. But before we get into that, let’s rewind six months back to see how Splashing Pixels got started.

Six months ago, Roy had this idea of creating an e-commerce theme solution that incorporates stunning design and functionality. With intensive research on the market for e-commerce specific themes, he has found many areas where he can improve on. He believes he can produce a product that is high in quality with extreme details while still keeping the cost down.

This brings us to today. After six months in the making, Splashing Pixels has finally come to a reality. Splashing Pixels is company that develops e-commerce specific themes for end user and developers alike. Quality, functionality and attention to detail is the very core of what Splashing Pixels offer. While using any of our products, you will quickly acknowledge the work that goes into each theme we make. For that we are very proud of what we have accomplished and hope to pass this on to you guys.

Of course, this grand opening day would not be complete if we opened empty handed. We would like to say thanks for giving us a chance and trying out our product by giving back to you (the community) a brilliantly developed theme for FREE.

While you’re here, feel free to play around with the live demos and pick a theme up if you like it! Oh and here is the link to the FREE theme “Mio”! Click Here

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