Splashing Pixels 2.0 Re-Launch

Hey fellow members and onlookers! YES, we have finally got around to re-launching our site. It was long overdue. We didn’t make any drastic changes but we did clean it up a bit. While the frontend site may have a nice refresh, the member dashboard area will look similar with a few accents here and there that are different.

Our goal was to make it easier for users to use our site. For example, we have updated our “old” bbPress plugin to the newer 2.0+ which comes with many features and fixes that 1.0 didn’t have. You can now subscribe to topics so you will get a notification in your email if there is an activity on the topic you’re following! We have also added a “Privacy Reply” function where you can paste in sensitive information such as your site URL or WordPress backend login so ONLY the site support will see allowing for faster support from us. Unfortunately, with the update to bbPress 2.0+, it was too much work to port over the old topics so we would need to start fresh! We have also made the site user interface more user friendly.

We hope you enjoy the new site and please give us any feedbacks!

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