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Hello everybody!

At Splashing Pixels, we are busy working on new themes and refining our existing themes. We have many “big” ideas coming down the pipeline. This will all be rolled out next year. But these ideas would not be complete until we hear from our current and loyal customers. We believe customers’ ideas are crucial to any successful business as you guys are the ones actually using our product day in and day out.

So we would like to dedicate this post for you to request new theme features. Perhaps it’s something that would help your business or something you have seen in another theme before. Whatever the case may be, please shout out here so we can take a look at it. Although we can’t implement every feature that has been requested, we promise to give each and every idea a thought.

Please post your feature request below along with the theme you would like it added to and the shopping cart plugin you’re referring to. We will not respond to the post however we will be reading it.

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Matt Hall is a web developer, marketer, and WordPress enthusiast. When he isn't organizing new WP projects, he can be found enjoying the sun, exotic coffees, and craft beers with friends.

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  1. Thanks for a dedicated feature request place!

    I probably have a few requests rattling around my brain, but the primary one is to add a Pinterest button along with the already theme-integrated G+ and Facebook social media. I’ve found some other Pinterest plugins, but for an average user, it’s too difficult to place them properly on the product pages and they don’t work well. Pinterest is really an important promotion channel for ecommerce and I’d love to see this feature. Thanks!

  2. Re Organico
    A feature I would like is to be able to chose between the current ecommerce Featured Product Slider and an alternative fully featured slider on home page.

  3. Re Organico (and possibly other themes too )

    With e-commerce sites here in UK we tend to use terminology such as ‘Basket’ or ‘Shopping basket’ rather than ‘Cart’.
    Probably a big ask but a really useful feature would be a facility to make these changes.
    Buttons text can be changed using a plug-in but I guess that as ‘Your cart’ appears many times throughout this is quite a different prospect.

  4. In Mojo I have 5 requests that would really help us:
    1. For global image settings of the homepage slider it would be very useful to have separate settings for image crop option and zoom & crop options for both landscape and portrait orientation photos. A single setting for both types of photo doesnt work well even when you try different combinations e.g. center + 2, bottom + 1 etc. It assumes photos can be square, but for musical instruments many photos cannot be square or landscape orientation.
    2. I would like to be able to easily (without coding) reorder/rearrange the divs on the homepage e.g. move featured grid above welcome text etc.
    3. I would like to be able to add videos to the homepage product slider e.g. by pulling them from a video tab of the product page.
    4. add an option to hide the current homepage slider textbox. To allow for space on the right side.
    5. This right hand space in the slider area could be used to add on-sale widgets etc. Please also provide the ability to add widgets to this area of the homepage.
    thanks a lot

  5. Hey Roy, sorry that I forgot a few related requests:
    1. Currently the Homepage slider shows a “Buy Now” button – this is actually a “more info” button as it doesnt go to the cart. It would be great to add a real “Add to cart” button so then there are 2 buttons for each product on the textblock: “more info” and “buy now”/”add to cart”
    2.It would be great to have the ability to add on-sale, new and featured tags to products in the homepage slider. The latter 2 would be be based on timeframes that we set in the mojo config similar to how its currently done for posts. In fact “on-sale” tags could also include a config option to make a time-bound offer that then adds an “on-sale” tag with the timeframe to the slider image.
    4. On the slider image provide an option to add a small one/two line size grid meta box similar to he featured grid box text areas. This or a similar solution would be useful to add marketing texts: “For today only save 10% on X products with coupon code: Coupon1234”. This is not necessarily conflicting with point 5 in my previous request list.
    5. If you implement the video slider idea above then it would be also useful to add a “View video” button to both the featured product grid items, the product pages and even the homepage slider textblock. This is important cause some products really need a video and customers will not assume that the “more info” pages provide a video. They may want to see the video immediately. If you add video directly to the slider then we wont need the button there – only in product pages and featured grid.
    Thanks again
    5. Provide a way to export mojo settings to a file (text file of xml or similar structure) so this can be easily stored and backed up.

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